Top Tips for Exhibiting at Interbuild Africa 2018 with Scan Display

Exhibiting at Interbuild Africa 2018 

Interbuild Africa is the continent’s largest building services and construction exhibition and comes to the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg in August 2018. The exhibition will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year and will run from 15 to 18 August, for four days filled with product launches, live demonstrations, technology innovations, conference and seminar discussions, and lots of professional expertise to take advantage of.

Even if you just plan to visit and do not have your own exhibit, it is highly recommended that you attend if you are in the construction business, with excellent networking opportunities in the offing. Today, we will focus on how to optimise your exhibition stand to maximise its effectiveness at Interbuild Africa 2018. First, let’s look at some preferred focus areas for people who plan to have their own exhibits at this event.

Top Tips for Industry Types Planning to Exhibit 

Businesses in the construction industry usually work closely with the manufacture, supply, or distribution arms of the industry, or all of them. Standing out is difficult and an exhibition stand puts you right in the middle of the action. If you are in construction, Interbuild Africa allows you to market to a targeted audience of like-minded individuals.

Some of the domains covered at Interbuild Africa include affordable housing products, building design, landscaping and paving, civil engineering, computer modelling and software, hardware products, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting and electrical, surface textures, and security management. Once you establish which of these groups you wish to target, the next steps become simplified and achievable with the help of Scan Display.

Top Tips for Your Interbuild Exhibition Stand 

Whether you plan to showcase your brand-new and innovative product or simply aim to promote your established brand within the industry, your stand has to meet certain requirements before it can be a magnet to potential customers, future business partners, or investors. First, you need an attractive exhibition stand that not only informs the people walking by, but also triggers their curiosity, prompting them to pause and spend some of their valuable time to get to know your product or business.

Scan Display offers a wide selection of exhibition stands to suit every type of business, with an option to build your very own exhibition stand as well. Second, you should ensure that your product or business has a USP, or unique selling proposition, to draw people in and get them talking about your exhibition stand, which will lead to more impressions at the exhibition, and hopefully turn into potential business. The chances of having great success during your four days exhibiting at Interbuild will dramatically increase if you simply ensure that your stand is inviting, informative, and attractive, with something unique to offer the industry in order to draw in those future customers.

For some of the best ideas and designs in terms of exhibition stands for Interbuild Africa 2018, choose Scan Display, and peruse our website for images and further details. Let Scan Display make the difference for your exhibition stand at Interbuild Africa 2018 and experience the benefits of having a quality exhibit that can give your construction business the boost it needs.

The Most Effective Way to Give Your Expo Stand More Impact

The Most Effective Way to Give Your Expo Stand More Impact

We have all been to a big expo of some kind at some point in our lives and most of us will agree that the majority of stall holders all look the same. Every stand you walk past has posters and visual displays to look at of some sort. They also have big signs that show their company name and logo, with big writing that has words like “discount” and “sale” plastered all over the place.

These are usually the things that make them so monotonous and repetitive, and it is usually why we end up forgetting half of the stall holders that we see at the expo. In order to avoid that, you need to be able to do something a little different from all the rest. You need to be able to provide the people with something they are going to remember, something that stands out so that they keep you in mind for long after they have left the exhibition.

Expo Stand Know How to Create a Lasting Impression

Instead of going with the run of the mill options for your stand, try to find something a little different to make a bit of a change. In order for you to do that, the first thing you need to do is look for the key aspects of your business and then find a unique way to highlight them for your visitors. To give you an example of how that works, you could take a look an interior decorating company.

Let’s say they specialise in a glass designs for various aspects of the home and one of those aspects happens to be a glass stair case that has LED backlights in them. Instead of putting pictures of the stairs on a poster, you could actually build a staircase out of them in your exhibition stand and allow people to actually walk on them. Nothing stands out better than a practical example of what you can do, instead of just trying to show people through a picture.

Always Consider Your Layout and Space

The layout and amount space you have for your stand is always going to be the most important thing to think about. When you have limited space to work with, you might end up leaving things out because you have too much stuff to put in your display. When your layout is too cramped, it tends to overwhelm your visitors and they end up avoiding you altogether.

When you are creating your space, you need to remember that you want it to look inviting and easy to walk into. You need to be able to attract a person’s eye, using either colour or movement or both, and the only way to do that is by clever use of your stand and the space provided. When you do something innovative like creating a stairwell to an upper level, you essentially create an opportunity for customers to do something different at a stand.

Making an Impression

The most effective way to give your stand more impact is by being creative about your design so that you can really make an impression. You also need to be sensible about it, so that you make yourself more accessible to those passing by. You also want to be able to get everything there and have it all set up in as little time as possible.

As long as you stick to those rules when you are designing your own stand for the next exhibition, you should be able to turn your stand into a memorable experience for all of your potential new customers.