Scan Display, in partnership with Modulbox Germany, is now manufacturing the innovative Modulbox system locally. Scan Display will be launching the system at the upcoming Markex Jhb show, where it will be used to create the company’s stand.

Scan Display MD, Justin Hawes, says, “This modular ‘stand-in-a-box’ exhibition and retail solution won the innovation award at Europshop 2005 and was in the limelight when 10 Modulbox units toured 21 cities in Germany in the lead-up to the 2006 Soccer World Cup.”

Modulbox is perfect for roadshows, allowing companies to create a portable branded showroom that can be taken around the country to wherever their customers are. This makes them a cost effective way to communicate with a widespread audience.

Each Modulbox can be custom-designed to a client’s specifications. They are portable and easy to set up, making them ideal for events and exhibitions.

“Within the exhibition industry we have noticed that set-up times are becoming shorter and shorter. The Modulbox is therefore the ideal solution for exhibitors as it is in essence a portable exhibition stand which means the set up on site is very quick,” says Hawes.

“By manufacturing the Modulbox locally rather than importing the units we are able to ensure that prices are kept competitive in relation to conventional exhibition stands. Local manufacture also boosts skills development in the industry and we have plans to export these units in the future.”

For more information go to or call Justin Hawes on +27 11 447 4777 or +27 82 570 7280.