Exhibition Booths | Markex Exhibition

Exhibition Booths | Markex Exhibition

High Quality Exhibition Booths

As the economy of South Africa continues to contribute to the country’s position as the foremost economy in Africa the number of exhibitions that are today scheduled for various venues around the country has grown exponentially. There are exhibitions that allow companies that produce almost any types of goods to show their wares to buyers and other interested parties and competition for attention is fierce. This competition has meant that companies taking part in exhibition have to use a variety of different means to attract the attention of potential customer and one of the ways that they are doing this is by making their exhibition booths into highly professional and visually attractive displays of their various products.

Exhibition Booths Exhibition booths have to have a variety of different attributes if they are to be successfully used in the exhibition environment. The exhibition stands have to be constructed of lightweight components that can be assembled quickly and the appearance and dimensions of the exhibition booths have to take into account the limited space that is available in most exhibition halls. In addition the exhibition booths should be both visually appealing and allow the products to be both accessible to the staff manning the boots as well as secure from theft. There are a variety of different turnkey exhibition shell schemes that can be purchased from the manufacturers of exhibition stands in South Africa that met all these requirements.

The manufacturers of exhibition booths can also tailor both the appearance and functionality of the booths in order to ensure that the shell scheme stands out from the competition and is as attractive to the passing foot traffic as possible.

The Ever Popular Markex Exhibition

For those companies that are active in the production of marketing material or in services related to the marketing of products and services the Markex exhibition is the premier showcase in South Africa. This annual event has been bringing the wares of South Africa’s top marketing companies to the attention of potential buyers and marketing services users for many years in South Africa and the Markex exhibition has been recognised as one of the premier exhibitions in the country.

During the Markex exhibition it is not uncommon to see exhibition booths costing millions of rands and products that are produced both locally and internationally are showcased in a way that would do the lights of Las Vegas proud, sound and visual effects as well as other attention grabbing marketing tools are used to attract visitors to the Markex exhibition to individual stands.