The Various Type of Pop-Up Banner Walls

In today’s intensely competitive market, you hardly have time to attract a prospective client who walks past your booth at an exhibition or a trade show. Without a visually-appealing, informative, well-designed display even the most expensive tradeshow booth can fail to deliver the needed results for participating companies. This is where pop-up banner walls become handy and provide a professional setting for an exhibition. In fact, pop-up displays are so popular that they have become the industry favourites – thanks to the many types of pop-up banner walls available in the market today, every business has the opportunity to efficiently advertise their brand incorporating the best technology available.

Advertise your Brand with Pop-Up Walls

In any business, the significance of brand awareness is undisputable. Banner advertising is one form of brand promotion. Like any marketing exercise, the focus should be on drawing attention. Pop-up banner walls are great tools for turning heads and drawing in attention. They instantly create a flawless graphic wall where your logo, brand, and message can be conveyed. This amazing marketing tool can be used effectively to display your product. With unparalleled graphic designs, these stands can be a cut above the rest. They can in fact, represent your brand like no other trade show marketing tool can.

Pop-up banner walls are ideal as a standard backdrop for presentations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, reception areas, retail outlets or an advertising campaign, these stands can be carried effortlessly; take them wherever you wish, because they come in a convenient wheeled case and can be set up and packed away in less than 15 minutes.

Types of Pop-Up Trade Show Displays

There are many different types of pop-up banner walls available in the market today, which come in an array of shapes and frame sizes and are integrated with graphics, lighting, shelving, literature and other innovative and technologically savvy features which transform your booth and capture people’s attention quickly. These include:

  • Curved – these are made of curved aluminium channel bars for great panel alignment and magnetic strips for holding halogen lights.
  • Straight – these are made of straight aluminium channel bars and have halogen lights for attractive displays.
  • Fabric – these are Velcro fabric display panels and are made with aluminium channel bars and magnetic strips.
  • Photo – these are similar to fabric pop-up displays and have additional high colour resolution panels.
  • Graphic – these are also made of aluminium channels and carry high resolution graphics for product descriptions.

Despite the differences in the types of pop-up banner walls, the general design is the same: a foldable frame that pops up easily, channel bars that fold out to provide stability after the frame is assembled, and graphics that either drape over the frame or come pre-attached. Pre-attached graphics do have a tendency to get wrinkled during transport, but the wrinkles will usually disappear with steaming or after hanging straight for a time. All graphics are easily removable so they can be changed for different trade shows.

If you are unsure which type of pop-up banner walls to choose, look no further than Scan Display for professional advice and unparalleled quality. Make an impact at your next trade show and boost your marketing efforts with the help of pop-up banner walls. They are easy to carry, quick and efficient to set up and are the best marketing tool to promote your brand.

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