Mobile Merchandising Unit | Point Of Sale Stands | Presentation Cases

An Easy To Transport Mobile Merchandising Unit

In today’s highly competitive business environment the opportunities available to an organisation for the demonstration of products or the positioning of products in the marketplace seem almost limitless. The business has to take advantage of each of these opportunities in order to ensure that their products remain at top of mind awareness amongst the consumers that they are targeting. One of the most effective ways to ensure this top of mind awareness is to make use of a mobile merchandising unit. A mobile merchandising unit can turn any product demonstration into an opportunity to encourage existing customer loyalty, as well as attracting a new viagra and thus increasing sales.

A mobile merchandising can be as simple as a table with a selection of products on it and a salesperson standing by to answer any questions that the potential customer has bout the products in show. Today the vast majority of mobile merchandising units are both more attractive and more customer friendly than a simply units that were traditionally employed. The newer types of mobile merchandising unit is visually attractive and if used to market foodstuffs will usually have facilities for the preparation of these foodstuffs. In addition a mobile merchandising unit will feature other elements such as banners and flags to increase the visual appeal of the unit and attract passing foot traffic.

The 21st century mobile merchandising unit will usually be constructed of extremely light material that is easy to both transport and erect. Materials such as nylon, plastic and polyurethane are extensively used in the manufacture of the mobile merchandising units. These units might also feature audio visual elements to further increase their visibility and attractiveness to potential customers.

Easy To Erect and Effective Point Of Sale Stands

In a highly competitive retail environment point of sale stands have become one of the most popular ways for an organisation to increase the visibility of their brands and allow customers to interact with these brands. Today point of sale stands can be found in retail shopping centres across South Africa where they are used for the marketing of a variety of different products. Often these point of sale stands will increase the attractiveness of the products that they are marketing and promote sales through advertising special offers. These special offers are often brought to the attention of the buying public through the use of banners such as pull up banners and pop up banners.

One of the most useful features of the modern point of sale stands is the ease with which they can be erected. This makes the newer point of sale stands ideal for use in chain stores and companies can make use of part time staff to man these point of sale stands confident that even the most inexperienced staff can erect the stands with a minimal amount of training.

Attractive Presentation Cases

Presentation cases can be used in a variety of different settings, such as exhibitions and trade shows, as well as forming the focal point of showrooms. Today’s presentation cases are usually constructed of a mixture of aluminium, stainless steel and glass. The glass counter tops which are a feature of many presentation cases allow potential customers to view the products on display. The hinged compartments in many presentation cases allow sales staff to remove products for closer examination by the potential buyer or client.

The low manufacturing cost and highly attractive nature of today’s presentation cases have made them firm favourites of marketing departments across South Africa. The ability of presentation cases to form an integral part of a number of different displays can bolstered through the addition of other display material such as flags and banners and the addition of brochure stands make it easier for potential customers to not only form a lasting impression of the products on display but to also examine product attributes at their leisure.