Retail Display – Shopping Kiosk, Signage, Showcases

The Various Retail Display Options


In the highly competitive retail environment companies Viagra launch new products or services or want to retain their market share when other competing products are introduced to the market usually increase their marketing activity. One of the most effective ways of ensuring market share is by allowing customers to interact with products in a meaningful way. Many companies make use of retail display stands and point of sale displays in order to attract the attention of potential new customers and encourage customer loyalty amongst their existing customer base.

These companies can today choose from an enormous variety of different point of sale units. Moreover, the many retail display products that are available from exhibition and show stand manufacturers has ensured that there is a display solution which is suitable for any company, no matter how specialised their needs.

New manufacturing and design methods have also led to a decrease in the cost of custom designed retail display units and many companies are ordering display units that have been specifically designed to differentiate their products or services from the competition.

The many options that are available today range from smaller units, that are easily portable and can be both set up and manned by a single employee, to larger and more elaborate display units which have a variety of different features built into the unit.

Many of these more complex retail display units are designed to offer security features that allow for the safe storage of demonstration materials or stock. These units can also include equipment for the preparation of hot food or beverages. Some also have built in refrigeration units that allow the staff manning the unit to supply chilled samples of beverages and other foodstuffs that might require refrigeration prior to preparation.

The display units used in shopping centres are extremely popular due to the fact that they not only increase the exposure of products and services but also offer companies additional revenue opportunities. This can be especially important when shelf space in retail stores is at a premium.

The Advantages of a Shopping Kiosk

A shopping kiosk can be the perfect retail solution for the small business. There are many different variants available in South Africa and many of these offer excellent return on investment for the small businessperson.

By making use of a shopping kiosk the retailer does not have to enter into protracted negotiations with large retail stores in order to obtain shelf space. In many instances this shelf space is taken up by products supplied by large manufacturers or importers and obtaining the space to go head to head with these producers can be problematic.

Another advantage of the shopping mall kiosk is that it is easily moved from place to place within the shopping centre environment. This means that the owner of the retail kiosk can cope with changes in foot traffic patterns that can vary during the course of the business day.

A shopping kiosk is also both easy and cost-effective to brand and accessories such as shelving and other display options can be purchased either with the original unit or when required, such as during seasonal variations in purchasing behaviour.

High Impact Low Cost Signage

There are a variety of different signage options available to those companies who want to take advantage of the latest developments in printing technology and the new materials that are available. Some of the most popular types, including banners and flags, are used to bolster the attractiveness of retail display units or are used by companies during exhibitions and trade shows. These types of signage have been available to the exhibitor or retailer for many years, but new developments have made then both more attractive and better value for money than ever before.

Signages, such as pull up banners, are now available in a variety of different shapes and sizes that are very different from the traditional banners. Tear drop banners, Sharkfin banners and flag banners are only three types of banners that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Versatile Display Showcases for Retail and Trade Shows

There are a variety of different display showcases that are available for use in retail displays as well as at trade shows and exhibitions. The customer can choose to have it designed to suit their individual needs or choose from a variety of standard showcases. These showcases can be manufactured from glass or from acrylic material that is resistant to the wear and tear that is common when these display units are used at trade shows or exhibitions.

Display Equipment | Modulbox | Shopping Kiosk

Display Equipment | Modulbox | Shopping Kiosk

Display Equipment For Trade Shows And Other Events

As the popularity of exhibitions and trade shows increases in South Africa and companies realise that these events represent some of the best opportunities to attract a wider clientele for both the retailing and distribution of their goods so the variety of display equipment that is used by those taking a show stand has increased.

The display equipment that can be supplied by a specialist display equipment manufacturer today means that there are display solutions for every company not matter what its size. Small start ups can afford basic shell schemes to give their presence at a trade show or exhibition some gravitas and the wide variety of other, more advanced display equipment means that companies that want to maximise their return on investment for their participation in the exhibition or trade show can find ways to make their stands extremely eye catching and attractive.

Many of the methods that can be employed to make sure that a stand is as attractive to passing foot traffic as possible need not cost the Earth. There are a variety of different flags and banners for instance that can be designed and printed extremely cheaply and new printing methods and the technologies used in the manufacture of these flags and banners means that they are more eye catching than has traditionally been the case. These banners and flags are extremely easy to erect and take up very little space when being transported. The turnaround time for the manufacture of this type of display equipment is also extremely quick.

modulboxThe Amazing Modul-Box

As the science of exhibition display equipment becomes more advanced every now and then a breakthrough occurs which changes the way in which companies and organisations prepare for and take part in exhibitions and trade shows. One of these breakthroughs is the amazing Modul-box. In essence the Modul-box is a trade show stand that is entirely self contained and when erected allows for the full functionality of the most advanced trade and exhibition show stands to be employed in order to increase sales leads.

The Modul-box is both easy to transport and can be branded to suit the requirements of almost any business. With the Modul-box every business has the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their products and services without the stress and strain that used to be part and parcel of erecting many of the older shell and modular display equipment.

The Easy To Use Shopping Kiosk

When it comes to the retail arena display units have been the same for years. Developments in new materials have made the shopping kiosk easier to erect, lighter and more visually attractive. The newest types of shopping kiosk have taken these developments to a whole new level.

With bold modern design that not only makes the shopping kiosk into an invaluable tool for the display of products, but also promotes the interactivity and sense of excitement that is today required to turn heads and make sales. These newest shopping kiosk designs have security features that prevent theft of product and are the perfect synthesis between form and function, as well as epitomising the new styles that characterise display equipment of the 21st century.

Shopping Kiosk

A Shopping Kiosk Can Lend Impetus To Your Market Penetration

In tune with modern society compartmentalising life into modular sections, the shopping kiosk has been indicative of the trend in the retail domain.  It has blurred the lines between the typical retail shop on the street or in a shopping centre and the informal pavement stall or flea market stand.  These shopping kiosks straddle the middle ground and affords the entrepreneur on the way up a foothold in retail that would otherwise have required a far larger and more risky leap.

Modularising the Shopfront

To this end, the shopping kiosk has become the shopping mall flea market stand and has given small businesses the opportunity to be represented in large retail environments without the need for an investment in a shopfront and with far lower associated risks and costs.  The small retail business pays the shopping centre a fee and rents a spot in a busy thoroughfare, bringing a little of the flea market flavour and curio fascination to a formal retail structure.

Shopping Kiosk Benefits

This benefits both parties, as the retail environment gains more variety to attract shoppers and the kiosk owner gets an opportunity to display their wares where feet are all but guaranteed.  There are other advantages for the kiosk owner too:

  • Many kiosk designs are offered for the display of nearly every type of product
  • The unit is mobile and can be moved to other venues, as well as shows, fairs, fêtes and bazaars
  • A single person can mind the kiosk
  • The unit offers security features: it can be anchored to the floor, closed up and locked

Accessories and Props

When a shopping kiosk is set up in conjunction with other marketing devices like roll-up banners, flags and distinctive branding, shoppers can spot if from afar.  Just keep in mind that shopping centres may have regulations as to the style of the kiosk and marketing materials that are permitted.

For more information on how a shopping kiosk can further your retail opportunities, contact the exhibition stand and merchandising unit experts today.