With hundreds of exhibitions hosted annually in South Africa, and thousands more around the world, how can you ensure that your company will have successful displays at the exhibitions? There are numerous factors that play a role in the success of a display. You have to select the ideal venue and then also the perfect display spot at the venue all within the allocated budget. The exhibition must be right for your specific target audience and then you have to make sure that your stand stands out amongst the hundreds of other display stands.

The next aspect to consider will be the design of your exhibit. You only have about five to ten seconds to make a good first impression. If you miss the target, you will lose out on valuable visits. If you have the backdrop of the stand display printed in bold, it will contribute to visibility. Have a few chairs setup, a table, and something to drink. Once the visitor passes your stand invite him or her to enjoy a snack or drink. It will give them time to view the display and ask a few questions.

You can even go as far as hiring equipment that will make the visitors stop. Interactive visual displays always attract attention at exhibitions, but make sure that the displays will work for you by focussing the message on your target audience.  Stay clear from cluttering effects. You want to focus the attention of visitors on a main message and as such everything at the stand should point to that message. Too many choices will simply confuse the visitor.

Have many brochures ready and be sure to have loads of promotional giveaways to ensure that the visitors will gather around your stand. People like busy stands and as such you need to create the impression that your stand is the top of the priority list for visitors. If needed, get a few of your people to dress in normal wear and browse through the stand. This will help others who are shy to come in and chat. We are experts in the design of exhibitions and display stands. View our range of products and services, and contact us today to help you make a success of exhibitions.