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A successful stand-build in Angola

by | Oct 17, 2014

Working with a new client, Dodecaedro, Scan Display managed the building of a stand at the recent FILDA (International Fair of Luanda) in Luanda, Angola.

The exhibition took place between 22 and 27 July 2014 and showcased consumer goods, capital goods, agricultural machinery, food, textiles, school supplies and spare parts from suppliers around the world.

The Dodecaedro stand, focusing on products from Argentina, was tasked to Scan Display as a result of the company’s reputation for handling stand-builds across Africa. Account executive for Scan Display Cape Town, Peta Jane Wahl, explains that building stands in other African countries can be challenging due to the language barrier and customs processes that differ for each country. Peta Jane chose to manage the stand-build in Luanda through contracting a local stand building company.

“With lots of time, it’s very possible to get stand materials into Angola but with four or fewer weeks’ notice, it is risky to take the chance that the stand elements will arrive on time for an exhibition,” Peta Jane says. “I opted to commission a company that already operates in Angola to build the stand on behalf of Scan Display.”

Ideally, Scan Display would need anywhere between 60 and 90 days to transport goods into Angola to do a complete stand-build. Dealing with customs officials in an unfamiliar language is also difficult and can lead to moments of confusion.

The 108sqm stand provided a space for a variety of suppliers to show their wares and focused around a custom storeroom that was central to its design. The exceptional graphics on the stand created an eye-catching visual and drew in crowds.

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