Tips on Marketing Your Property with Retail Displays for Shopping Centres

Those in charge of leasing and managing shopping centres and retail malls in South Africa know that the marketing aspect is part and parcel of the management function and strategy. Each shopping centre should have a predefined marketing strategy that will serve to keep the customers coming back to the mall and also keep the tenant mix eclectic the roster filled.

There are, unfortunately, far too many landlords who ignore or overlook the marketing process simply to focus on expenditure control and on the rent of the property. Retail display products for shopping centres is perhaps one of the most effective and most affordable ways you can market your shopping centre to the general public. Remember, you’re not simply advertising your mall, you’re advertising an image. Chances are that the majority of the stores located in your mall are doubly available in a 20km radius of your mall, especially the large chain stores.

So why should shoppers head over to your mall to do their shopping and spend their hard earned Rands? That is the question you need to address and invest both money and time to answer properly. You also need to face the reality that customers help the tenants pay their rent. The reality is that a successful shopping centre will grow and expand and also consolidate its market rental profile. The short term upside of this can be improved property values for the landlord.

Market Your Shopping Centre Using Retail Displays and Other Tips

  • Customer interaction: Your retail displays for shopping centres should be focused towards the customer. Customer interaction with your marketing programs is achieved through retail displays, mall activations, special events and competitions, to name a few. The mall’s tenants will also have ideas on this.
  • Local area relevance: Combining your marketing strategy for the mall with the community will add local area relevance which further appeals to customers. This can be achieved through working community clubs and groups. These groups and interests are very likely to have an interest in putting up frequent retail displays in your shopping centre or placing booths in the common areas of the mall – all to the benefit of your retail space.
  • Trust the experts: In order to ensure that you receive the very best return on your investment you can partner with a professional marketing consultancy group that can offer valuable advice. It will also ensure that potential disputes between your marketing efforts are avoided.

How Scan Display’s Retail Displays for Shopping Centres can Help Your Marketing Efforts

We are a leader in the southern African display and exhibition industry. Our specialty includes award-winning retail displays, stand designs and exhibition and events infrastructure. There are many reasons why our success has grown from strength to strength, including our extensive product range and our international footprint of Scan Display branches and distributors. We also specialise in in-house design, print and production facilities and our motivated and exceptionally talented team of professionals are focused on offering great value to our customers.

Some of our popular products include retail merchandising units and shopping mall kiosks that offer a moveable option for retail displays. It also includes security features while at the same time providing additional revenue opportunities for the shopping centre. These products are designed by an international company with more than a decade’s experience behind them.

Our team of Scan Retail industry professionals include industrial designers, architects, interior designers and graphic designers along with production and print facilities. This, in addition to our exceptionally high quality product range places Scan Retail in a favourable position to design and produce displays that both engage and attract customers.

Our customer focused approach ensures that we are able to capture and bring to life the vision of our valued clients. Our team of industry professionals will work with you to help you realise your vision for your retail space. If you need more information about the many great services and products from Scan Display and want to find out more about our retail display products for shopping centres contact us today or shop online at our user-friendly website. Our team of professionals will work with you to make sure your corporate personality shines through your retail displays.

Powerful Retail Marketing and Advertising Tips

Even though at times it can be tempting to get really complicated with your marketing campaigns, the old adage of the simplest marketing campaigns is the best still rings true. However, even though this piece of advice is relevant at times, there are many other marketing and advertising tips worth paying attention to. Trading and operating in the retail sector in South Africa is becoming increasingly competitive and more challenging for retailers in large part due to the many new options that’s becoming available to consumers.

Competition from foreign brands like Walmart’s Massmart Holdings operating giant brands like Game, Makro and Builders’ Warehouse makes it increasingly difficult for smaller retailers to gain market share in the country. However, there is still no substitute for a sound marketing and advertising campaign and if you invest in it, you will be sure to enjoy a healthy return on your investment.

Tips for Marketing and Advertising your Retail Concern

One of the things to remember is that an effective retail marketing campaign and strategy doesn’t necessarily need to translate into an expensive campaign. You may, however, need to think outside the box. George S. Patton describes it best:

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”

Sometimes all that it will take to author a powerful marketing strategy and campaign is to think up new ways that you can deliver benefits to your consumers. The objectives and aims of the tips in this article is to increase word-of-mouth about your store, increase foot traffic and brand loyalty among customers and a combination of the above.

  • Interior signage: In-store promotions and interior signage has been a staple of the retail sector for many years. You have the customers in your store so why not use the opportunity to communicate your branding and marketing message to them? Using quality designed and executed interior signage is one of the best ways to deliver your message. Your in-store consumers likely already have some level of trust towards your brand and if you use beautifully designed interior signage to market your products, then half the battle is already won.
  • Retail displays: Quality retail displays will help you to accentuate the very best elements of your products. Aside from that, it can also work towards your retail concern’s branding. There are so many options you can choose from and working with professionals such as Scan Display will provide you with all the expertise and experience of our talented and dedicated team.
  • In-store promotions: This is one of the best ways to increase both brand loyalty and to get feet into your store. Creating a combo product that provides customers with discounts over buying the items separately is also a great strategy. The aim here is to increase your average transaction amount as this will directly lead to increased overall revenue. While you may reduce your margin slightly, but offering your customers a solution that makes sense to them, you will subconsciously be training them to spend more in your store upon each subsequent visit.

These are a few of the retail marketing and advertising tips that will help you to increase your market share and to solidify consumer loyalty. At Scan Display we specialise in the design and execution of interior signage and retail displays along with many other retail marketing and advertising solutions. We are dedicated, experienced and motivated to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and objectives.

The team of industry professionals at Scan Display will happily provide you with other marketing and advertising tips that will help you to further expand your market reach. Contact us to learn more about our retail marketing products, services and solutions.