Scan Display’s Fabric Pop-up System

When it comes to exhibition stands at expos and conferences, a variety of options are available for those looking for branded stands to display their products and brand to everyone walking by during the event. Scan Display offers portable display solutions to branded exhibition stands that can make your exhibit stand out above the crowd.

We also offer custom stands that are built to your specifications, as well as the Modulbox that can serve as an effective starting point for your exhibition stand. With our range of products, you can easily create a display that will not only inform people about your brand and products, but also be of durable quality to allow multiple uses for upcoming events. Let’s take a closer look at the new and innovative products from Scan Display, and how they can improve your exhibition at conferences and expos.

Scan Display’s Fabric Pop-up System features a simplistic and effective method of setup and functionality. A traditional pop-up frame is used in combination with bungee-connected bars and channels to fit silicon-edged fabric graphics to the frame and deliver a professional display to feature your branded graphics in vibrant colours at your exhibition stand. The Fabric Pop-up System is a lightweight and durable solution to display your graphics, with a simplistic 4-step setup method that will not only save valuable time, but also allow for various configurations through the use of specific accessories available for these setups.

When setting up the Fabric Pop-up System, you just need to remove the frame from its carry bag, set up the frame and channel bars, and attach the fabric graphic. Various graphic options are available as well, allowing you to customise the way your graphic wraps around the frame and bars, while granting reusability and sustainability through the materials used to create these graphics. The options include a regular front graphic with two separate sides and a fully wrapped option where a single graphic covers the whole frame, depending on what your preferences are and how you wish to execute your overall display.

This system is also available in a curved configuration, giving you the versatility to get creative with how you set up your exhibition stand at events. With the branded graphics resting on fabric, the curved configuration does not add any strain to the silicon-edged fabric and can result in innovative and effective displays at events to make your exhibition stand out.

A variety of different sizes is available to ensure that your Fabric Pop-up System delivers exactly what you need, as well as different accessories to accentuate the graphics. These accessories include spotlight connectors, LED spotlight crystals, a stabilising foot, a monitor bracket, and shelves, with a counter configuration available as well. The Fabric Pop-up System is available in standard and backlit configurations to allow for even more customisable features that can bring a brand-new element to your exhibition stand display to catch the eyes of potential new customers.

Scan Display offers all the solutions you will ever need for your exhibition stands at expos, conferences, and similar events. For more information, please peruse our website for images and details on our available products or contact us directly with any further enquiries.