Get Branded Cabana Gazebos for Outdoor Event Marketingbranded gazebo

If you would like to get your business brand noticed at an outdoor event, exhibition or expo then you should get a branded Cabana gazebo from us at Scan Display. Our team will assist you to obtain access to a range of advertising and marketing items that are designed to grab the attention of your target audience.

An outdoor gazebo of this kind used for advertising is study and durable while still being light and absolutely versatile. It takes just a few seconds to set up and break down this particular item and its unique style allows you to make the most of the advertising space that is available. The maximum storage height of this product is 1.6m. A great optional extra offered to our clients are the corner triangles which can be affixed to the unit.

The unit itself offers a high peak roof which is highly visible. It is made from aluminium and has a 2m clearance requirement for the roof. It weighs generally a mere 30kg which makes it easy to transport from place to place. We offer 3m and 4m square varieties for you to choose from and can brand the entire unit for you at a cost-effective rate. You can work with our designers to have a unique branding image created, or you can supply your artwork to us in high resolution large format and we will ensure that it is properly placed and printed onto your chosen products for you.

If you have chosen to get a branded Cabana gazebo for your outdoor advertising needs, you should also consider our various other products which will be just as effective. We offer the market access to well designed and reasonably priced marketing items that can be used both indoors and outdoors. We also offer our clients the option of having complete stands for expos and exhibitions created and professionally set up for them. These are branded and fitted with the right lighting, audio visual equipment, furniture, and signage and so on.

Scan Display has many years of experience in the marketing and advertising field and our team is more than well equipped to present you with solutions for all your outdoor marketing needs. By browsing through our extensive range of products on our website, you can see just what we have to offer and can make enquiries about various products that will suit your needs, preferences and budget. When chatting to one of our team members you will discover that the advice and guidance we offer is professional, knowledgeable and with your best interests in mind. Let us know if you have a set budget in mind and we will ensure that options that fit in with this are presented to you.

When looking to get a branded Cabana gazebo, we at Scan Display are just the team to approach for assistance. With our help you can invest in products that you can use for a number of exhibitions and outdoor events in the future too – as long as they are well maintained and looked after.