Outdoor Exhibition

What ever your company desires in an outdoor exhibition, there is a South African company that can cater for your most stringent and highest quality requirements. This company has years of expertise in the field of designing, custom building and exhibiting all sorts of presentations, from outdoor exhibitions to pamphlets, and science stalls at fairs. This company is Scan Display…

Scan Display solutions is a specialist provider of a wide range of medium and topic or theme related displays, both indoor and outdoor exhibition as well as a wide, all inclusive range of presentation products, which include large custom-built stands and portable systems to banner systems, brochure holders, display cases and clip frames. Our founders realised early on that any company’s strength lies in its project management capabilities, and that is why Scan Display boasts with a team of trained and educated experts whom continually conceptualise, design and deliver powerful display solutions and outdoor exhibitions promptly, and without fail. Our clientele is worth more than gold to us, and that is why we ensure that we handle each assignment as if it were our own. We do not take on assignments, irrespective of the nature, whether it be an Outdoor exhibition, or a corporate portfolio display, we only handle what we have at a time, and will never over load our creative staff.

With Scan Display – you can expect superior outdoor exhibitions that will entice the intended audience with superb mechanics, brilliant graphics and excellent functionality that speaks directly to the targeted market, every time, on time.

So why not trust Scan Display for the best in any visual presentations, ranging from quality, engaging and attractive outdoor exhibitions, to medical portfolios to business displays and presentations for the office or boardroom. With us you are treated like our only client, and thus we can guarantee, unique, innovative and high quality products every time for each and every solution all year round. For this and more exciting information on Scan Display, why not visit our website today… You will unlock success when you do.

South Africa Exhibitions

Business tourism, including the trade show and exhibition industry, is booming in South Africa.

South Africa has well over a thousand venues for conferences and exhibitions available throughout the country. Some of these a small intimate centres hidden away in the bushveld while others are state of the art exhibition and convention centres. Most of these venues offer a number of side attractions that can be included in conventions, including experiencing African culture and shopping expeditions. There are far more South Africa Exhibitions going on at any one time than you would imagine. At the time of writing there being an average of more than thirty exhibitions per month over the next several months.

South Africa is actually an excellent venue to plan your exhibitions. The country has a first-world infrastructure, temperate climate, breathtaking scenery and world-class hotels. It is an ideal location for international congresses and conventions. The country also has a number of exhibition professionals that you can make use of for the design, construction and erection of your display stand, one of which is Scan Display. Scan’s head office is in Rosebank, Johannesburg, and the company has branches in Cape Town, Durban and Gaborone, and distributors in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Windhoek, Lusaka and Swaziland.

We also have the support of a global network, with partners in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Egypt, Dubai and Turkey.South Africa Exhibitions are gaining more and more popularity overseas and are well worth investigating. To learn more about using Scan Display for your next Trade Fair, contact us at +27 11 447 4777

Secrets To Successful Exhibition Designs

Modern exhibition designs focus just as much on the visitor as the exhibit itself. The reason is simple enough. People get bored easily and when they are not engaged in the exhibition they will lose interest. Simple fact – visual stimulation must ensure interaction. Without such interaction in exhibition designs, the whole trip will be a passive one. As soon as the person goes into passive mode, information goes in, but is not analysed and just gets stored. To ensure that the visitor is not only interested in what is on display the design should be visually stimulating, but also encourage some form of touching and where possible audible stimulation. Scan Display has won numerous awards for awesome exhibition designs and knows the secrets to creating winning exhibition stands and full trade show exhibitions.

Prepare for an exhibition

An exhibition can be a marketing dollar saver if done right. It is also a great way of getting in touch with your niche market, but you have to prepare well. The first consideration is whether you are ready for unrestricted inspection by the public of your products and services. To ensure that your company is ready to onto an exhibition it is vital that you make a few test runs and quality checks well in advanced of the actual exhibition. If you plan to participate in the next trade fair, think in advance and visit a similar one. Make notes of the stalls that attract attention and also look for the best stall locations at the exhibition. Book those stands well in advance and apply the same principles of marketing at an exhibition as the stalls that got your attention.

How to select the space for exhibition stands

If you plan a custom display at an event, it will be better to select space for exhibition stands only instead of the shell scheme. It will mean that you will have to supply everything at the display, including the shell, lighting, sound, visual effects, and furniture. You will be able to build your stand up to a height of about four meters. The second option regarding space for exhibition stands is that of the shell scheme includes everything you will need for your display and includes the flooring, walls, electricity, name boards, lights, and more. This is the ideal package for companies that will want to save on time, resources, and design costs, and who will not want a custom design package.