Tips for Exhibition signage

Digital exhibition signage can help to reduce the costs of display while also ensuring attractive displays which will draw in the crowds. Although it may seem that Internet connectivity may add to expenses, it can in fact help to reduce the costs. By using a 3G wireless network for connectivity, it is possible to download and distribute images at a low cost. If you want to display without the risk of losing Internet connectivity, you can simply download dynamic content and upload to the applicable device which can be connected to large screens. This well help to ensure a dynamic display which will have more than one visitor stop and view the footage. It is however, important to consider the content of the exhibition signage as well. Miss the mark, and you will waste the whole exhibition. We provide professional exhibition signage that will help to hit the mark every time.

Sandton Exhibition Signage Company

Scan Display is known as a top Sandton exhibition signage supplier. Our range of signage services and products is extensive and includes the likes of outdoor displays, indoor displays, whole exhibitions and customized options for clients. We provide from sticker type to embossed types of signage, light boxes and 3D designs. Our expertise in Sandton exhibition signage ensures professional lay-outs and lettering that will draw attention immediately and ensure that visitors will remember your brand, service or message as per requirement. In addition to our Sandton exhibition signage services and products, we also provide other products such as furniture rentals, flooring, ventilation, sound, lights, display stands, project management services, designs, and various types of product displays.

Secret to successful exhibition signages

Exhibition signages are powerful marketing tools. Used effectively the exhibition signages can attract a lot of visitors. The secret is not to use complicated designs. You want to keep the exhibition signages as simple as possible. Keep the information to a minimum. People want to visit many stands during their visit and will certainly not spend three minutes reading your exhibition signages. You need to feed the most important information to them. This means that the main sign should include the company name and logo for effective branding. You will want the visitors to remember your brand and that should be the main focus of the signs. The idea with the signage is to grab attention – enough to get the visitor into the booth and interested enough to view the rest of what you have to offer.