On average South African shopping centres have around 30% of wasted retail space. This is the view of Justin Hawes, MD of Scan Display, which was exhibiting at the recent South African Congress of Shopping Centres (SACSC) in Johannesburg.

Hawes says, “While we believe South Africa shopping centres can and do compete on a global level we believe that most still have large areas of untapped retail space, for example in passageways and ‘dead-areas’. “

Hawes believes that these areas could be transformed into income-generating retail space through the placement of free-standing merchandising units. With this in mind, Scan Display recently launched the Retail Merchandising Unit (RMU).

These units create significant additional income for shopping centres and because they can be custom designed to fit in with the look-and- feel of any centre they add to the overall shopping experience. They are also ideal for smaller traders who do not need large retail spaces

The RMU is manufactured and marketed locally by Scan Display under licence from international industrial design company, SddRETAIL UK. SddRETAIL UK operates world-wide and has won numerous international awards for design excellence.

Danny Grayson of SddRETAIL UK says, ”We view South Africa as an important emerging market and are pleased with the positive impact the upcoming 2010 World Cup has had on infrastructure spending and development. “

Hawes adds, “The partnership offers South African retailers international design and expertise at local manufacture prices. Our policy is also to use locally sourced materials where possible.”

At SACSC, SddRETAIL UK and Scan Display exhibited the creative potential of their Retail Merchandising Units with a unit that was designed specifically with the 2010 Soccer World Cup in mind. (See attached picture).

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