Pop-up Displays

These are sometimes called a Pull-Up display or Portable display and are displays that use a flexible graphic panel (fabric or other man-made material) attached to a spring-loaded roller on which the graphic winds for storage. When ready to display, the graphic is pulled up, and then secured to a support post at the back of the roller, which holds the graphic up and taut in place. These can be used individually, or in series, as required. Like tabletop displays, they are normally very lightweight, and can be easily transported and set up without needing much on site labour support. The components are often made from very lightweight materials, and transported in small traveling cases (often injection molded plastic). Most often curved in shape, they are also now popular as straight walls with attached fabric mural graphics. You can hire Pop-up Displays from Scan Display – call us at +27 11 447 4777 for more information