Banner Pop-up Stands For Improved Mobility

Banner pop-up stands have the benefit of being lightweight and exceptionally mobile. In addition, pop-up banners take up little storage and transport space, can be set-up in seconds to only a few minutes, depending on their size and can be printed on both sides. Unlike the normal square or rectangular exhibition displays – all looking the same, pop-ups offer the benefit of being different and thus more visible. The exhibitor can easily create rather unusual displays without having to break the bank in the process. The banners come with metal bases and retractable banners. This ensures that when not in use the banner surfaces are protected against dust and possible damage.

Pop-Up & Pull Up Banners

Pop-Up & Pull Up Banners Are Space Savers

Not only floor space at the exhibition, sport, retail and conference centres is saved when using pop-up & pull up banners for displays, but also storage and transport space. Space costs money at exhibitions. If you want to save money then the pop-up & pull banners are the best possible display choice. If you want to use the pop-up & pull up banners at several venues, you will appreciate their compact folding characteristics. The smaller units can be transported with a normal passenger vehicle and even the larger ones will not be a problem to get from location A to B. Space saved in storage is another benefit of the pop-up & pull up banners. Easy to fold up and pack away you will not need additional storage space for your display boards.