Promotional Banners at its Best!

Promotional banners give your advertising budget the most effective, affordable way to reach potential customers. Promotional banners designed by Scan Display can be put almost anywhere. The effective use of logos, colour, slogans and messages can reach people that you never thought you could on your budget.

Decals, car banners and a wide variety of display banners are available at the places where promotional banners are printed. They can usually provide you with assistance designing your logo and banner. Most promotional banners can be printed and ready to display in a few days. Online promotional banner printers can often have them on your doorstep within a week.

Advertising events, special sales, new products and items that need more description than the packaging can provide are all good candidates for promotional banners. Large companies, small businesses and individuals can benefit from the convenience, affordability and effectiveness of promotional banners.

Point of sale banners are used on product displays. They advertise a special sale on the item or they can provide more information that the consumer needs to know. Health benefits of a product, recipe suggestions, gift ideas and company websites are all good messages to provide customers on point of sale promotional banners.

Community groups and organisers can get the word out about their fundraisers and special events easily with promotional banners. Many grocery, convenience and department stores are willing to display promotional banners for local sports teams, children’s groups and charity activities. Groups with tight budgets, like animal shelters and churches, can really benefit from the advertising of promotional banners.

Community events like job fairs, festivals, and arts and crafts sales often offer local businesses a booth at their event. Even the smallest business will look professional if their booth is adorned with promotional banners. Don’t miss out on all those potential customers just because you can’t afford advertising. Booths at these events are normally quite an affordable and effective form of marketing. With a promotional banner and a few pieces of literature or give away items, your company can stand toe to toe with the largest company in town and be proud.

Be sure to place your promotional banners where they can easily be seen. If you put them on the side of the road, be sure the print is large enough to be read by passing drivers. Also, place them far enough from your entrance that drivers can stop before they pass you by. More people will stop than are willing to turn around and come back.

Be sure to take down any signs you post around the city when your event or sale is over. If customers come two months after your sale it is no good for you or for them. Many towns and cities have passed ordinances restricting promotional banners. Find out the laws that apply in your area to avoid a fine. Also, too many promotional banners can be considered litter. Respectfully removing your banners in a timely manner will prevent more cities from banning them in the first place.

Useful Tip For Promotional Banners

Promotional banners have limited space and as such the space should be used optimally. One thing most beginner advertisers forget is the all important call to action. You may think why still have a call to action if the idea is simply promotion, but without that call to action you simply waste space and money. A typical call to action for a promotional banner can be CALL ….or VISIT…. You want the viewer to be able to get more information than simply the few words or single picture on the promotional banner. You need more space, but the banner is not the place for more information. As such use the call to action to get the viewer to a place where more information is available.