Marketing Counters: Your Gateway to Building Relationships

Marketing Counters: Your Gateway to Building Relationships

Exhibitions and conferences are one of the ways marketing professionals make contacts and establish relationships. Marketing counters are one of the tools used when you have a stand at an exhibition. Smaller than shopping kiosks, it is one of the retail displays you would use within your marketing space.

What Are Marketing Counters?

Marketing CountersThink of big trade shows like Mining Indaba, Electra Mining, and Markex. Usually it takes place in a massive hall or conference centre where each exhibitor is allocated a marketing area. Usually it’s a sort of cubicle or sectioned off squared for them to set up shopping kiosks and other retail displays.

The idea is to attract potential customers and showcase what you have to offer in the form of a product or service. At the forefront will be marketing counters – a podium styled desk which will display your brand and product. It also serves as a desk to display pamphlets and business card and an area for anyone to write notes or communication details. Basically marketing counters take a practical device and turn it into one of the retail displays.

Marketing counters are smaller than shopping kiosks, but still display your brand identity. They can come in various sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Some of the basic used in retail displays include:

  • Flexi Counter – this is an above waist high counter that has a graphic display at the front – this is ideal to display your brand and/or product. It has optional door and shelving in the back to keep marketing materials and samples of your product.
  • Promoter Counter – the promoter counter is light weight and very easy to assemble. It has a branding area at the front as well as signage raised up on two poles at the top. This is ideal for branding and communication contact detail like email and website address.
  • RT Case Counter – The RT case is ideal for those that promote product often and need versatile and mobile marketing counters. It doubles as a transport device to keep all your products then converts into a waist high marketing counter – all you need to do is apply the wrap around branding.

The Advantages of Attending Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a great place to advertise your brand. Using marketing counters, shopping kiosks and retail displays you can establish a growing brand or reinforce an established one. Considering attending a trade show or exhibition can unlock some of the following advantages:

  • Meet contacts and establish relationships with customers and other people in the field. It’s also an opportunity to meet up with other retailers and maintain relationships.
  • Collect data and do market research. You’ll have a multitude of customers walking past your shopping kiosks and retail displays. Use the opportunity to collect data, do surveys and find out ways to improve your product. You can therefore do comparisons and make adjustments.
  • Collect contact details to further market with. Exhibitions are a good way to collect names, numbers and email addresses. By doing email and SMS campaign you might attract customers through a different medium and keep existing customers abreast of new products or specials.

Having a stand at an exhibition is a great way to increase your business potential. You’ll have thousands of potential customers walking past your stand. Having an attractive stand to showcase your product goes a long way and using tools like marketing counters, shopping kiosks and retail displays makes it easy and convenient. In a sea of marketing competitors you want to stand out and with the right tools you’ll ensure success.


Modulbox Cubes | Custom Designed Retail Displays

Modulbox Cubes | Custom Designed Retail Displays


High Impact Custom Designed Retail Displays

For those companies that want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to opportunities to market either products or position the corporate brand, custom designed retail displays and banners offer the perfect solution to their individual needs. These displays are usually used to increase the impact of point of sale marketing initiatives; however these versatile display units can be used in any environment where the company interfaces with customers and clients. These opportunities for retail positioning include trade shows and conventions, as well as sporting and cultural events, as well as product launches and road shows.

retail displayThe custom designed retail displays are especially useful where the product message needs to be disseminated to as many people as possible, such as the aforementioned road show. The light weight and portability of the custom displays make them ideal for this use as they can be transported from event to event with very little effort. These retail display units are also extremely easy to erect so they should present no problem to even experienced marketing employees and junior marketing personnel who are usually found erecting the display units during the road show.

Custom designed retail displays are also extensively used at the point of sale, where the highly visible nature of the displays can serve to differentiate products from the competition. With supermarket shelves rapidly filling with competitive products sourced from all over the world point of sale displays are rapidly becoming indispensable marketing tools for the South African manufacturer. These point of sale custom designed retail displays can be manufactured to designs specified by the customer.

New manufacturing technology and printing processes mean that the designs available to the customer are now almost limitless. Banners which are traditionally an extremely important part of any retail display can be produced in almost any size and the new printing processes mean that colours are even more vibrant than ever before. The client can specify unique designs that incorporate such elements as the corporate or brand logo into the custom designed retail displays. All that is required to ensure a one of a kind display is the supply of material in a suitable high resolution form. This graphic material will ensure that the end product is of the best quality.

The custom graphics can be incorporated into industry favourite designs of retail displays, such as those featuring tear drop banners or the industry standard flag banners. For added impact hanging banners and full display solutions, which are used extensively at trade shows and conventions can also be tailored to meet the individual requirements of the organisation.

Custom designed retail displays offer extremely attractive returns on the initial investment by the company. These retail displays are characterised by their low cost and quick production cycles. The hard wearing vinyl material that is used in the manufacture of the retail displays is extremely hard wearing and can be used over and over again.

Companies like Scan Display specialise in manufacturing custom designed retail displays that conform to the unique requirements of the individual client. They can offer advice based on years of experience as to the correct solution to all of the clients’ design needs when it comes to various custom display options.