Using Tiled and Rolled Carpets for Display Flooring

Rolled carpets and tiled carpets available from Scandisplay are an effective way to cover up the flooring around your display stand when you are on an exhibition somewhere. You often find that these big exhibitions have to make use of large warehouses or convention centres with a lot of floor space and more often than not, it is too costly for the owners to actually cover it up themselves. That is why it’s so important for you to bring your own floor covering along, so you can at least cover up the unsightly concrete floors around your own stand.


The whole purpose of a display is to get your name out there and get the exposure you need for your business, and it often helps to give your potential new clients a good first impression. If you leave the bare concrete to show under your display, it can leave a tacky overall appearance that you really don’t want to have. Fortunately, there are some sensible and affordable solutions that can fix the problem with very little trouble at all.


Tiled Carpets and Rolled Carpets Make the Perfect Display Flooring


Tiled carpets are an ingenious way to cover up large areas around your display unit, giving you more than enough floor space to work with and it looks a lot better than raw concrete. The carpet tiles are essentially large squares of carpets laid down on the floor or your stand, and they all fit neatly together to form proper flooring for your display area. The carpets are manufactured to industrial quality in order to make tough and durable enough for their use.


If you don’t fancy carpet too much then you also have several flooring alternatives that can be customised to suite your display stand. In most instances you would be looking at veneers to get a variety of wood finishes, however you also have the option of pre-cut steel treadplate which do have a slightly more industrial feel to it, but it still looks good when it goes with the rest of your stand.


Rolled Carpets are Fast and Easy Choice


Opting for rolled carpets is a quick and easy way out because they can be cut to any size and shape you want, all you need to do is figure out what colour you want and decide on a particular texture if you really want to take it that far. Once you have the floor covering you need for your display stand, it is up to you decide on what the rest of the display is going to look like.