The Comprehensive Scan Display Service


At Scan Display, we offer a range of products and services specifically aimed at maximising your exhibition stands for events, expos, and conferences. Our selection includes shell schemes, floorplan designs, graphic design, audio-visual components, furniture hire, and registration counters to ensure that you have every tool at your disposal for your exhibition stand.

The impact of your stand on the people walking by should always be significant, luring them towards your business and peaking their interest in your products or services. Scan Display can be of service in ensuring that your exhibition stand looks exactly like it should, with product or service information available to anyone walking by, as well as added features such as AV additions to enhance the experience at your booth. Should you be interested in getting the most out of your exhibition stands, we will get you there with our range of products and services.

Design and Implementation

We have a qualified team of interior designers that specialises in 3D design, and producing working drawings and quality renditions to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results. The sky is the limit with our design specialists, who are able to create aesthetically pleasing results that will surely draw people in and peak their interest. We also offer a team of graphic designers to give you professional branding designs for your booth, ensuring that everybody knows what exactly you are offering.

We also have an in-house printing division called Scan Print, offering large-format printing options for fabric, vinyl, and PVC surfaces that can be implemented for quality banners and other branding solutions for your exhibition stand. In addition, we offer audio-visual components for your booth, granting access to videos and images to be displayed for a more comprehensive experience at your exhibition stand. These AV components can be very useful for businesses focussing on events, products, or services that take place in the great outdoors or are simply too big to be incorporated at certain events, giving the people at your exhibition stand a better overall understanding of your business.

When it comes to the implementation of it all, our shell scheme solutions offer a viable method for event or exhibition organisers who require branding for their specific events. Combined with our variety of unique branded exhibition stands that we can offer our clients, Scan Display offers comprehensive solutions for expos and similar events, whether you are planning the event yourself or exhibiting. We also offer various electric solutions for exhibition stands, with our electrical division, Scan Electrix. This is a team of electricians that can tend to any electrical need, whether it consists of adding lighting to your booth, or ensuring the electrical safety in and around your booth. Carpets and flooring, along with furniture hire, will ensure that your exhibition stand has a comfortable look and feel to it, thereby inviting people to have a seat and learn more about your product or service.

Should you want more information about these amazing services that we can offer for your next exhibition stand, feel free to peruse our website for details and images, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose Scan Display for your next event and let us take care of every detail surrounding your exhibition stand to maximise its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.