Exhibition Visitors

When you’re planning on attending an exhibition, you have to make it worth your while. Standing around for hours waiting for quality buyers who aren’t showing can be extremely disappointing. You have to go to certain lengths to ensure that you get a return on your time and investment. The two main areas to focus on besides your marketing strategy are to actually attend the right exhibition and secondly to present a professional, striking and inspired stand. In both these cases exhibition designers like the team from Scan Display can help you create a profitable stand that will leave a lasting effect.

Exhibition designers are trained in creating a stand that is eye catching employs a hook to draw in customers and to think differently ensuring a unique approach to your product or service. The skilled team from Scan Display offer excellent services in graphic design and inspiring conceptualization, so if want to present a stand that will certainly turn heads make sure to contact us.

Exhibition Designers

The 7 things Exhibition Designers Focus on to Create a Harmonious Stand with Impact

The ultimate goal of exhibition designers is to create a stand that is eye catching, relevant to your product or service and one that attracts potential customers like a magnet. Here are the seven main point focussed on to achieve this goal;

  1. Create harmony and not a hazardous environment. By combining factors like layout, lighting, colour, charts, exhibits, outreach planes and fine planning this can be achieved.
  2. Highlight the focus point. It’s important to attract the viewers’ attention using your featured product or service.
  3. Less is more. Since people will be walking past hastily, especially if you’re located at the end of their tour, you have to have a short and powerful message that will attract them.
  4. Incorporate a theme. You have to create a good first impression whilst revealing the core company principles.
  5. All signs should be eye-catching. Exhibition designers are especially good at creating a look and feel that will help you stand out from all the rest of the exhibitors.
  6. Always keep the target audience in mind. Your product has a specific target market, and your goal is to attract everyone who falls in that category.
  7. Careful conceptualization of stand layout. The designers will need to determine the exact layout early on during the planning stages to avoid unnecessary changes in the nick of time.

Create a professional looking stand with the help of skilled exhibition designers from Scan Display contact us today and be the envy of all your peers.

Exhibition Electronics

Use Exhibition Electronics Rentals to boost your Corporate Image

An exhibition is filled with hundreds of potential customers streaming in and out continuously during the day. Any of these individual could easily become a valued client at your company, however if your presentation is inadequate they can easily move over the next stall with a similar product or service but with a more impressive exhibition stand. Even though most would consider the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ as being judgemental, the business world continues without eliminating any moral judgement therefore resulting in the fact that a company image still plays a major role. This includes your personal performance with an adequate sales team to your exhibition electronics rentals for a remarkable visual presentation.

In this day and age the completion is harsh in any industry, you have to always be one step ahead and offer something your competition are unable to. For more information on how we can alter your image starting with your corporate identity all the way through to our exhibition electronics rentals contact us at Scan Display.

Exhibition Electronics Rentals

Exhibition electronics rentals are usually one of the most unpredictable elements when it comes to executing a successful exhibition. Even though world of technology has taken over, it is still flawed in many ways. There are more often than not one or more problems in regards to the gadgets. Another harsh reality is the fact that once any of these elements aren’t functioning right, the entire presentation is compromised and could potentially be ruined. So in conclusion to this point, you have to thoroughly investigate the company you wish to hire your exhibition electronics rentals from.

Scan Display offers state of the art exhibition electronics rentals, ranging from laptops to projectors, DVD players and personal computers with high-tech flat screens. The worst thing imaginable is arriving on your first day of your exhibition after months of planning and organising only to find that your visual presentation won’t work due to a small technical problem. For more information on how we can help you showcase a breathtaking presentation contact our team at Scan Display.

Attending an Exhibition

There are six basic things to do before planning to attend an exhibition;

  1. Go to various expos in the same line as your business and make a note of which of your competitors are attending and their stands look like.
  2. Talk to your business customers and find out which of these expos they attend, and if they don’t go to exhibitions ask if they might be interested in attending some.
  3. Decide whether you want to rent or buy your stand equipment. Either way is worth your while, depending on how many exhibition you plan on attending over time. Scan Display is an established company devoted to exactly this.
  4. Your Staff; make sure your team consists of qualified individuals who are capable of handling so many potential customers.
  5. Carefully plan your promotional plan, make sure you are prepared for your target audience and are fully equipped to attend to each prospective client individually.
  6. Generate a solid follow up plan. Keeping in touch with all the leads you’ve gathered is as important as attending the exhibition in the first place.

For more information on how to prepare yourself for an exhibition, contact us at Scan Display.