Why make use of the option for exhibition furniture rentals?

Although it may seem unnecessary to use of the option of exhibition furniture rentals when you can simply purchase furniture it becomes an economical viable option when:
•    Hosting an exhibition where various booths and isles will require chairs.
•    Display at an exhibition where you will need special chairs or tables which will only be needed once off.
•    Want to use a variety of chairs and tables.
•    Will display at various trade fairs and as such want to minimize transport of furniture to the location.

If any of the above applies you will benefit from our services and products in our range of exhibition furniture rentals.

Provider of Sandton exhibition furniture rentals

Scan Display is a leading provider of Sandton exhibition furniture rentals whether for whole conventions or individual stands. As one of the top signage, flooring, stand display providers, we are also known for our range of Sandton exhibition furniture rentals. Our years of experience in the provision of the above services, ensure that we can help you assess which types of chairs and tables to use and how many you will require for a particular exhibition. Instead of purchasing furniture that will be used once off, and transporting the furniture to the event location, rather use the rental service available. It will save exhibition costs, time, and resources. You will furthermore have the benefit of being able to select furniture that would otherwise have been extremely expensive for such an occasion.

Exhibition Services

Useful Exhibition Services

In many instances the exhibitor doesn’t have the expertise, time, and personnel available to ensure a professional display at an exhibition. Scan Display provides project management as part of the exhibition services available. By making use of the project management team an individual displayer or the organiser of a whole event will be able to focus on their core business while the professional project management team of Scan Display takes care of the planning and setup of the stand or whole exhibition. Large scale exhibition services such as floor plan design, flooring, electricity, lighting, and air conditioning are taken care of as part of the overall project management. Other services such as stand display design and setup of various stands make the task of exhibiting just so much easier.

Exhibition Furniture

Don’t forget the exhibition furniture when you plan the stand

One of the aspects often overlooked when planning for a tradeshow exhibit is the exhibition furniture. People want to sit comfortably and they will need tables where they can complete forms or have a discussion with one of your consultants. It is however, important to select exhibition furniture that will be stylish. The colour should be professional and you can never go wrong with a round glass table as it goes with just about anything in your display stand. It is small enough to ensure minimal space usage, yet big enough for a two or three cups of coffee. The welcoming table at your stand will give you a chance to sit down with a tradeshow visitor and discuss your product or service in-depth without being in the way of other visitors.

Benefits of exhibition furniture rentals

If you only have one stall, you may get away with furniture from your office or home, but if you are the event organiser you will benefit from exhibition furniture rentals. The price of furniture is high especially if it is for one occasion where you will need several chairs including comfort chairs, and will also require numerous tables. Consider the cost of purchasing furniture for the occasion against the cost of exhibition furniture rentals and you will agree that rentals win hands-down especially when delivered and picked up from the location. You don’t have to be concerned about storing the furniture afterwards and hoping to use it over and over to get back your investment. Simply make use of the exhibition furniture rentals available from Scan Display and save money.