Hard Wearing And Highly Visible PVC Banners

Hard Wearing And Highly Visible PVC Banners

PVC is one of the hardest wearing and most versatile materials used today for the manufacture of marketing material such as display banners. PVC banners are used by marketing departments across the world in order to position a company identity or promote new and existing products. PVC banners can be produced quickly and cheaply with high quality finishes that are weather resistant and will continue to offer years of use while not fading and tearing even when they are used regularly. New advances in banner printing mean that PVC banners can today be produced in almost any size, from wall banners for use at trade shows and exhibitions to enormous building wraps that are extremely visible, even to passing motorists who have only seconds to absorb the information displayed on the wrap.

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There are a variety of different PVC banners available to marketing departments, these include hanging banners, pull up banners and pop up banners which require very little set up time and are suitable for use by even the most inexperienced of marketing staff. These self erecting banners are supplied in a carry case and ‘pop up’ into shape once they are removed from the protective carry case. Pop up banners are usually used in trade shows and exhibitions. Once the days’ activities are complete the pop up banner is simply twisted into a compact shape and stored in the carry bag, ready for use at the next venue. The pop up banners are usually manufactured using polyester flag fabric as opposed to PVC. The compact size of pop up and pull up banners make them ideal for use off site and their small size means that they can be transported to the venue where they are to be used in the boot of even the smallest of cars.

PVC banners can feature full colour highly detailed print work, which makes them suitable for representations of products in an attractive way. PVC banners are also fade resistant and can be produced with folded seams which can then accept aluminium extensions which are passed through the top and bottom of the banners in order to ensure that they hang straight down and are wrinkle free when they are used as wall banners. Similar PVC banners are known as backdrop banners and are usually significantly larger than hanging banners. The backdrop banners are supplied with eyelets to allow nylon ski rope to be used to secure the backdrop banners to a surface.

The PVC banner manufacturer will usually offer design services related to the production of the PVC banners. Clients will be asked to supply high resolution images for use in the design process. These images will usually be available from the company’s advertising agency. Any organisation ordering a PVC banner should be aware that the design services are not usually included in the initial quote for the banners and will represent an extra expenditure. Given the fact that PVC banners are extremely hard wearing, the money spent still offer excellent return on investment, especially given the fact that banners can be used in a variety of settings and during almost any function. Pull up banners even look good when placed in the reception area of an organisation.

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The Necessity For Marketing Material In Any Business

Without marketing material to attract customers and clients to your line of business, your company may struggle to get off the ground and start turning a profit. Accountants and financial departments in many companies often do not accommodate a budget for marketing material as they cannot translate the outlay for this type of advertising materials into an income for the enterprise. It is however very important to ensure that the money keepers are aware that the initial outlay for any marketing materials are easily recoverable and can be accounted for by the growth in your client base.

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Promotional Gazebos

Fun, Attractive Promotional Gazebos

If you’re planning a corporate golf day or any other outdoor event then consider the purchase of a set of promotional gazebos. Designed to incorporate your corporate identity, gazebos make the ideal addition to any set of marketing material. They also have the added appeal of keeping sales staff cool, calm and collected whatever the weather. They also offer attendees of the day a chance to cool off and are thus a magnet, attracting potential customers to a location where you can market both your company and products.

A promotional gazebo is a fun and easy to assemble piece of marketing material that promotes your company and products in a highly visible manner. For more information contact us.