Merchandising Showcases For Shopping Centres And Shows

Mobile merchandising units are ideal showcases for use in shopping centres where you do not have a shop front or at trade fairs or shows.  Essentially, these units are mini-shops on wheels, complete with shelves for displaying products, storage compartments for holding stock and a special space for a cash register.  This type of unit is normally manned by a single person.

Types Of Showcases

Many styles are available and your choice will not only depend on aesthetic qualities, but also pragmatic features like whether you require shelves.  Some units are rounded, with a counter all the way around and usually, the body of the unit acts as storage space for stock.  The structures of these units are usually rather tall, to make the most of the limited floor space available.

Other units display a distinct square-cut style with transparent showcases to view products from all sides and an all-round bench for people to sit down on.  These units may be used more for brand advertising than the selling of products and offer lots of space for backlit advertising and other types of promotional material.  If you are going to use the showcase in a shopping


centre, you would probably have to follow the centre’s prescriptions as to what its style should be.

Protecting Your Products

If you are concerned that your products may not be safe in these merchandising showcases, you would be pleased to learn that – although they are wheeled – they can be secured to the floor.  In addition, you can select a model where your wares are displayed behind perspex windows.  Lastly, the entire unit closes up and locks securely when unattended.

Mobile showcases are extremely useful and cost-effective for displaying your products and advertising your brand in different places without having to have a permanent shop front.  For more information, feel free to contact us today.

Mall Kiosks

Mall kiosks are very popular for mobile businesses that would like to display their wares in a shopping mall without having to rent a shop there, or that would like to move the display to new venues frequently.

To this end, many types of mall kiosks are offered, depending on what you want to display in them.  They are usually relatively tall structures that use up little floor space and they can be specified with any number of features, including a place to put the cash register, security features to lock up their contents or to lock the entire unit to the floor and any configuration of shelves.

Display Merchandise

If you want to display merchandise at a shopping mall in an attractive, mobile shopfront that you can pack up and take anywhere, a mall kiosk is ideal.

A mall kiosk allows you to display merchandise as in a permanent shop, but at a far lower cost.  You usually have to pay the shopping mall a fee for parking your unit in a designated spot, so be sure to pick a spot with plenty of feet passing by.  Your unit can be outfitted to your specifications, including shelves, storage areas, a roof structure, provision for hanging displays and a spot for the cash register.  What is more, you need only one person to man it.

Merchandising Units

Merchandising Units

Merchandising units are also called mall kiosks and they are just what the name implies: a tiny, movable shopfront.  Your kiosk holds your products on shelves behind perspex or glass windows and features security measures like a facility to lock the entire unit to the floor as well as securely lockable display areas.

Some of the features normally incorporated in merchandising units may include plenty of secure, out-of-sight storage compartments to hold stock, shelves in different configurations, provision for hanging displays and a space for the cash register.  These units are especially designed to take up little floor space and to be manned by one person only, minimising your expenses even further.

Merchandising Unit

Mall Kiosk

A mall kiosk is a wheeled merchandising unit for representing a brand and displaying products.  It can be set up and collapsed at will and moved around to different venues.  Once there, they can be set up again, secured to the floor and manned by one person.

A mall kiosk is relatively tall to take up little floor space but still provide you with enough space to display your goods.  There are shelves behind glass or perspex widows and the units can be specified to incorporate features like a counter and various storage areas to stow stock out of sight.