Who are you selling?

Today’s prospective new clients are nervous – they’ve just been witnessing a global financial downturn with banks folding, giant companies declaring bankruptcy, workers getting laid off and the stock exchange dropping. Whether your product is a computer game or an electric car, when you have a display at a trade show you are selling you. That may sound a little odd, but the whole point is that potential clients have to trust you. It’s all a matter of body language. When they see you standing solid with your arms folded across your stomach, they get the message ‘Stay away – this is my territory!’. It’s up to you to approach prospective clients and to welcome them to your display. They must feel that they are wanted.

Making use of a live demonstration

There’s no better way of targeting the public directly and of drawing them into your display stand than by making use of a live demonstration. The type of live demonstration is going to depend on your product or services. For example if your product happens to be a brand new piece of kitchen equipment that, say, chops potatoes – what better way to demonstrate it than to have someone do just that at a raised counter. Demonstrating a new idea in laptops or a new security device would have to have a different approach. Whatever your product or services, there is an optimum way of demonstrating it or them. Scan Display will be happy to discuss your intended display with you – simply call us at +27 11 447 4777

Training workshops

Scan Display have a number of complementary services for our clients, and one of these is an invitation to join our exhibitor training workshops. These workshops are run by an authority in trade shows and exhibitions, Joy Donovan, who is employed by Trade Show Training. These workshops are of exceptional value and you will come away with a mass of useful tips on how to maximize the overall effect of your exhibition stand. After all, there’s little point in having a display stand if you don’t know how to get the best out of it. We have a comprehensive range of display stand products in store to allow you to get the best out of your stand. To learn more about our complimentary training workshops call us at +27 11 447 4777