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As you no doubt know, the exhibition industry is possible one of the most challenging and competitive advertising settings that a company can encounter. Simply put, it is here where customer networks and trade alliances are established which can have a direct impact on the fortunes of your company. The challenge faced by every company is to attract the attention of potential partners, distributors, suppliers and customers to the company’s stand. This can be even more challenging if you are a small company vying for the attention of your customers and having to go up against larger businesses with bigger networks.

However, this is not a deal breaker in the least. You can compete with the big boys! A sure fire way for you to attract customers to your tradeshow exhibit display is to invest in pop banner stands and other exhibit display products. We provide a full offering of state of the art and affordable exhibition display products. We will help you to choose the appropriate products that will help you to get the best results that you’re after.

There is certainly a lot of consideration that goes into the exhibition display that will work best for your company. Consider whether the display is to be held outside or indoors and how much space will you have to set up your display? Would your stand need a public address system or need an audio-visual system? Are there any electricity outlets available? What is the budget for the display materials?

These and other questions are all important to answer before you invest in tradeshow exhibit displays for your next exhibit. Thanks to our commitment to customer care and excellence, Scan Display has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of tradeshow exhibit displays in southern Africa. Due to our large buying power we are able to purchase products at great rates and in this way carry the savings over to our customers. We are proud of our long history of service in the industry and our commitment to only providing the best quality and most affordable products keeps us at the pinnacle of our industry.

We continue to lead the way in the exhibition display industry and can assist you in all your outdoor advertising requirements. If you are in the market for superior quality and affordable exhibit displays, poster displays, brochure stands, audio-visual equipment and exhibition stands then look no further than Scan Display.

Brochure Stands

Brochure stands play an integral part in the success of exhibition stands. The business needs to portray a professional image while also making available as much information as possible that will help to sell a service or product without overwhelming the visitor.

The exhibition stand should be attractive and eye-catching. The logo of the company will bring home the message of branding, but once at the stand, the visitor should get something to take with. It is not possible to chat in-depth with every customer and as such the brochure should do the extra information work. The problem comes in with displaying the brochures.

Brochures lying on a table will hardly attract attention. The idea is that the visitor will see the brochures, and hence the importance of attractive, functional, sturdy brochure stands at exhibitions. Depending on the availability of space you will want to select brochure stands that will be able to hold numerous types of brochures in all sizes.

As such you will want to select brochure stands for tables, which will be smaller, large stand alone stands and of course also the exclusive types. Never compromise on this part of the exhibition as your consultants will not be able to hold all the point of sale materials in their hands. You need the display ability that comes with stylish stands as available from us.

View our range of brochure stands suitable for indoor and outdoor displays and contact us today for assistance regarding all your exhibition equipment.

Advantages of exhibition brochure stands

Exhibition brochure stands are extremely versatile and useful not only as organisation tools for point of sales materials, but also to enhance the overall functionality of an expo booth. Although the exhibition brochure stands come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes, the most common sizes are that of A4, A5, and A6 holders. There are clear plastic holder types, coloured plastic holders, metal and wire types. The normal depth of the holders is around 3.2 cm with a width of 23 cm for A4 pockets while the A5 sizes are normally 16 cm wide.

Whether you want single pocket or variety holders, the colours and styles available ensure that every expo booth will benefit from the utilization of the exhibition brochure stands.

Apart from the table stand types, you will also find wall units and stand alone display brochure holders. The benefit of using them is that once visitors are at the expo booth not all of they will have the confidence to take a brochure from the sales consultant. Many want to take the brochures while viewing a display and this is where the brochure stand comes in handy. In addition, the sales consultant will not have to run around to ensure that every visitor gets a brochure as brochures can be placed at the relevant sales points.

You can even brand the brochure stands with your company logo, which of course will increase the effectiveness of the display considerably. If you want stunning and highly functional exhibition brochure stands, browse our products catalogue and contact us today for a quote and assistance.

Exhibition Cabinet Stand | Show Cases | Brochure Stands

Exhibition Cabinet Stand | Show Cases | Brochure Stands

A Trade Show And Exhibition Cabinet Stand


One of the most effective opportunities for the marketing of any product new to the market is the trade show or exhibition. At both of these events many organisations and marketing departments will choose to make use of the exhibition cabinet stand in order to display a wide variety of different products. There are a number of different types of standard exhibition cabinet stands that are available in South Africa and these display stands can also be designed and manufactured to the clients’ specifications and unique requirements. An exhibition cabinet stand can be constructed of a number of different materials and is usually an integral part of the shell scheme that many companies erect as part of their displays at both trade shows and exhibitions.

The exhibition cabinet stand can be constructed of a number of different materials, however today’s exhibition cabinet stands are usually made from either varieties of plywood or different composites. The wide variety of different materials that are available for the construction of the exhibition cabinets stands means that the form, shape and dimensions of the stand are entirely up to the individual requirements of the client. There are also standard shell schemes available that incorporate either a single exhibition cabinet stand or a number of cabinet stands depending on the space available and the number of products that are displayed, as well as the number of employees that will be manning the stand.

Show Cases Manufactured To Client Specificationsshow cases

Participants in trade shows and exhibitions are continually on the lookout for display solutions that will attract the attention of potential customers. These show cases and display stands should be highly visible and allow the potential client the opportunity to interact with the product in some meaningful way.

For this reason the show cases usually feature multiple shelves, as well as easy access that allow salespeople and marketing employees to remove the products for closer examination by the potential buyer.

The show cases can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including wood, board or even glass or acrylic. The individual show cases can be designed to customer specifications and the only limitation to the materials that are used for the construction are the physical properties of the materials and the cost involved in the production of the show cases.

Attractive Brochure Stands

In addition to the many varieties of different display units that are employed to display products at both trade shows and exhibitions many companies will choose to add brochure stands to the display mix. The brochure stands will make literature available to the potential customer that they can peruse at their leisure.

Many buying decisions are not made at the trade show or exhibition cabinet stand but are rather delayed until the potential client has had time to compare the different offerings from a variety of manufacturers. Attractive brochure stands encourage the potential customer to take away brochures that contain product information. Many organisations strengthen the appeal of brochures by providing a small gift such as a key ring, t-shirt or other marketing material to the potential customer when they take a brochure from the brochure stand.

Branding For Appealing Brochure Stands

Branding For Appealing Brochure Stands

Make sure that you get branding for your brochure stands to correctly advertise your marketing materials. Branding on brochure stands should consist of your company name as well as contact details where you can be reached. You can also have some type of pay off line printed along with the branding on your brochure stands. This pay off line is designed to make the products that you have on offer more attractive and to ensure that potential buyers will be influenced to pick up the marketing material displayed on the brochure stands.

To ensure that you have the correct branding printed on your brochure stands to make them more appealing to passersby, please contact us.

Brochure stands