Portable Exhibition Stands and Designs for Your Next Exhibit

Portable exhibition stands available via https://www.scandisplay.co.za are an ideal way to get yourself set up quick and easy for your next exhibition. When people attend an exhibition for their company and they need to set up a display area, they often have to experience the pain of having to get everything to the venue, cart all of it up and down to the display area, build the entire display in time for the exhibit to start and then take all back down again once it’s all done.


When you have a complex, custom-made portable exhibition stand that is designed especially for your company, it can get quite difficult to make all that happen when you need it to. In fact, you would probably need to get there long before it starts, just so you can spend the time setting everything up and making sure that everything is working properly and it looks good. As an outside observer, coming to the exhibit to see all the displays, the first thing you notice is how well they have been done.


The Importance of Well Designed Exhibition Stands


You will often find that stand owners will go to great lengths to ensure their display looks good, just so they can give their visitors the best possible experience of their company. After all, it has to be memorable enough for a person to recall your business the next time they need something you have to offer. There is also a good chance you will be at an exhibition where there are other businesses the same or similar to yours, thus giving you even more reason why you should stand out.


The more elaborate your stand is, the more expensive it is likely to be, and if you have a tight budget to work with, then you will need to make the most of it by finding something that is affordable as well. Instead of going with a big and bulky walk-in stand, you can opt for portable exhibition stands and designs that can be packed up and carried around with ease. All you need to do is make sure it’s ready to go when the time comes for you to set it up.


Several Benefits to Using Portable Design Stands


Making use of the portable designs allows you to get in and get out as quickly as possible. The components are all lightweight and easy to move, and you may even have the ability to break them down further for compact storage once you are done. Aluminium alloys are a common material used for general framework, so that you can move them around easily.


The alloy is sturdy enough for you to attach additional lighting or mount big displays the showcase all your products and information. They also quite flexible in terms of shape and size so you can change the configuration of the stand to better suit the location you are in. It really comes in handy when you have to use the same displays for more than one exhibition.


Portable Exhibition Stands and Designs are Always Ideal


Versatility aside, you can really take your display to the next level without digging too deep into your pockets. With a clever design and little bit of thought, you can give your visitors everything they need from your exhibition stand without compromising on a smaller display area. In fact, you can keep things very simple by taking a minimalist approach to your display and using something portable.


Once you experience the versatility and convenience of a portable stand design, you may find it hard to go any other route when running a display exhibit at the next convention.


How to select the space for exhibition stands

If you plan a custom display at an event, it will be better to select space for exhibition stands only instead of the shell scheme. It will mean that you will have to supply everything at the display, including the shell, lighting, sound, visual effects, and furniture. You will be able to build your stand up to a height of about four meters. The second option regarding space for exhibition stands is that of the shell scheme includes everything you will need for your display and includes the flooring, walls, electricity, name boards, lights, and more. This is the ideal package for companies that will want to save on time, resources, and design costs, and who will not want a custom design package.

Give free beverages at your exhibiting stand to help boost sales

It may sound awkward. How will free coffee, tea, and light refreshments help to boost sales at an exhibiting stand? Simple, by providing the customers with free food and drinks you help to keep them there for longer and more willing to listen. Once conversation is opened, you can sell. In addition free food and beverages at the exhibiting stand will attract more people. With a few persons standing around while enjoying their free drinks, you will create the impression of a busy exhibiting stand. People don’t like to enter empty or quiet stands. They love busy stands and will be curious. This in return will attract more visitors who will linger for presentations.

Exhibition Products

Exhibition products available to make for stunning presentations

Scan Display offers a wide range of exhibition products that can be used to ensure that your stand will stand out amongst the thousands of exhibition booths. Pop-ups for instance, are easy to erect, come in various sizes and are the ideal presentation tools to display a billboard type of ad at an exhibition. The pop-ups are foldable and can be transported in a normal vehicle. When you get to the exhibition simply pull at the sides and have it erected. Add your banner display and shape it the way you want. Another one of the exhibition products that will save time is the roll-up. As the name suggests you add a poster which is then rolled up. Simply pull the string and have a professional display. The roll-ups come in the Just-Lite 2, Rolla, Interchangeable, and the Wing as well as Wing Lite. View the section on exhibition products for more details.

Exhibition Designs

Factors to consider with exhibition designs

Professional and effective exhibition designs play an integral role in the overall success of an exhibition stand. As such consideration of factors that make exhibition designs successful include that of lay-out, colours used, space usage, lighting, sound effects, visual display designs, air-conditioning, and theme. The exhibition designs should not be merely artworks, but portray a message effectively and boldly. The visitor should never be confused about the message and the goal of the stand. Exhibition designs should target the tastes of the visitors. As such careful research must be done to ensure that the stand lay-out and design will appeal to the target audience. In this respect professional assistance may be required. Branding is important and designs that don’t give branding the priority it deserves should be discarded all together.