Making the Most Out of Your Exhibition Stand In 2018

Making the Most Out of Your Exhibition Stand For 2018 

When it comes to events that offer exhibition spaces for various companies and entrepreneurs, one cannot just show up with a dreary banner and a table, expecting people to show interest in your business or products. It is recommended that you plan your station and ensure that the people walking past your exhibition stand takes note. If they show interest in what you have on offer, your exhibition stand created a potential new client by arresting their attention of and convincing them to take some time and explore their interest in your brand.

How can I optimise my exhibition stand in 2018? 

At Scan Display, we have various solutions for exhibitions, with a variety of stands that we can supply for your 2018 expos and conferences. One of the biggest attractions at these events are the exhibition stands that not only attract people on a visual level, but also need to impress them with accessibility to the information they seek from your exhibition stand. If you can successfully integrate the visual and informational components of your stand, you will be able to gain future clients and customers at these events by just letting your stand do its job.

We offer a couple of designs for your exhibition stand that will impress and inform at any event. The sky is the limit when it comes to our options for exhibition stands, and this is how they can help you achieve the most with your stands in 2018:

  1. Metro Range

We offer nine different Metro stands for you to choose from, varying in size and shape to suit your every need. These stands are simple in design and can be very effective in confined areas at smaller exhibition sites.

  1. Expo Range

Ideal for expos of any kind, this range offers portable and reusable expo stands that include carry cases to ensure that you can take them anywhere you need to go. With the modular design, you can always add to it or reduce it to your requirements. Our expo stands brochure is available for download from our website, should you want more information.

  1. The Modulbox

Scan Display manufactures the Modulbox under license to Mo Systeme in Germany, and it is perfect for use just about anywhere. This amazing solution for exhibition stands is easy to set up, with canopies that flap up and can be used for displaying products or information. The unit can be locked to ensure the safety of your stand at any event, and looks very professional when set up correctly.

  1. Custom Stands

At Scan Display, we are aware that some of our clients have their unique views on what their exhibition stands should look like for certain events. We can build and supply any unique design to fit your preferences, as our experienced production team has delivered breathtaking displays over the years.

For more information on our exhibition stands, feel free to peruse our website at your leisure. You can download the available 2018 brochures as well, or contact us directly with more enquiries. Let 2018 be a roaring success for your business, and let Scan Display help you achieve greatness at your events.

Attract Visitors to your Exhibition Stand with Creative and Eye-Catching Sets

One of the great things about attending exhibitions and other trade shows is that you have the opportunity to stand tall among your competitors, regardless of their or your size. If you are a small- to medium-sized enterprise, you can stand right next to national or multinational corporations and vie for the same market share that these industry giants seem to attract with ease. One of the ways you can do this is by investing in quality exhibition stands and sets.

When you make use of these thoughtfully designed and expertly executed stands, you can pack a powerful marketing and branding punch. You can attract the right customers to your stand and also carry your marketing message over effectively, leaving a lasting impression which will evolve into brand awareness and loyalty.

This can, however, only happen when you attract the visitors in the first place. Otherwise you’re only warming floor space and misusing a valuable opportunity. To add insult, you’ll be paying hard earned money for this missed opportunity.

Attracting Visitors to your Stand

When attending exhibitions, trade shows, sales events, open air markets and other marketing events, how can you make sure your exhibit stand attracts the right visitors? These tips and hints will help you pulling in the punters:

  • Getting it right: Getting the right look and feel won’t be easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Your exhibition stands and sets is your shop window. It is so important that your aim for the show – i.e. selling, branding and marketing ultimately determines the look and feel of your exhibit stand. Select the correct posters, signage and products that will display and boost the image that you’re after.
  • Small isn’t necessarily inadequate: Remember, exhibiting is all about having great ambitions and not necessarily exorbitant budgets. Simply deciding on a space that’ll suit your objectives can easily become a challenge in itself. Unfortunately many business owners get carried away with the idea that size is far better than staying true to the focus. Small stands can also be hugely impactful.
  • Work with professionals and be clear about your vision: Partner with an industry professional like Scan Display and be clear about your objectives and vision when dealing with the creative team. Our team of industry professionals are experienced in producing affordable exhibition stands and sets that pack a powerful marketing punch.
  • Get creative: You can enjoy experimenting with sound, lighting and screens and other electronic posters, signage and presentations. You can follow the same path as visitors will around your stand so that you experience and see what they will – both from up close and from a distance.

If you are looking for an experienced partner to team up with and make your exhibit a huge success then look no further than Scan Display. We have many years’ experience in helping our clients to effectively communicate their brand and marketing messages. Contact Scan Display to discuss all your exhibition stands and sets requirements.

Turn to the Exhibition and Events Specialists for an Eye-Catching Stand and Display

If you are exhibiting your company’s products and services at a trade fair or show then you are going to need the professional assistance of exhibition and events specialists. The simple fact is that these particular shows while quite beneficial to exhibitors provide for an extremely competitive market place, as you will be displaying your company along with most of your toughest competition. You are going to need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and that your potential target audience doesn’t miss you.

At Scan Display we focus our attention on ensuring that our clients are presented with a wide variety of options that will make their booth or display area something worth taking notice of. The products and services that we supply include the likes of roll up banners, brochure stands, counters, poster displays, show cases, portable stands, outdoor displays, audio visual equipment, flooring, furniture, signage, lighting, complete stands and so much more. Of course if our clients are looking for something unique or specific, we encourage them to let us know and we will go the extra mile to source it at an excellent rate.

The fact of the matter is that you will need for your display to be the best that there is. You will need to grab the attention of your potential client and then follow it up with presenting them with a wealth of information and advice on your products and services. We are just the team to assist you with setting place a strategy to drive sales home. Some of our services also include the initial design of the stand, infrastructure and then shell scheme. Chances are that you will have the most eye-catching display at the show if you allow us to assist you with the planning and setting up process.

At Scan Display our team has many years of experience in the field. Our stands are known to be award winning and we have assisted major brands on the market. The fact that we make use of all of our own in-house facilities for printing and so on means that our clients aren’t kept waiting for their products and that we are always aware and on top of the actual production of artwork and items to be used in the actual display setup. This provides for great peace of mind to our clients during a particularly stressful time. Take the time to discuss your needs with our sales staff and benefit from our helpful advice and multitude of services today.

Exhibition Stand Designers | Portable Stands

Exhibition Stand Designers | Portable Stands

Professional Exhibition Stand Designers

In a highly competitive business environment, one of the easiest ways to ensure that a company’s products stand out from the rest of the crowd is to take advantage of trade shows and exhibitions.  Professional exhibition stand designers have a variety of products that can showcase products in a way that is both highly visible and attractive, as well as being easy to set up and manage.

Exhibition Stand Designers These specialised designers will be able to advise your organisation on which type of exhibition stand will best suit your needs as there are a variety available that are suitable for most uses and budgets. Some of the most popular choices are portable and stored in carry bags for easy transport. Better still, these types of exhibition stands can usually be set up by a single exhibitor.

Exhibition stand designers provide their services for the design and manufacturing of two main types of display stands; the first features fabric panels and the second type features laminate panels. Both of these types are manufactured with the input of the stand designer in order to ensure that they can be customised with various other display units and accessories in order to ensure that the stand is capable of attracting the attention of the passing foot traffic at an exhibition or trade show.

Exhibition show designers are also able to provide the popular banner presentation backdrops to companies looking for an easy to use trade show or exhibition unit that will allow them to showcase their products. These banner backdrops are extremely good value for money and are suitable for use at smaller trade shows and exhibitions where they will not be overshadowed by more elaborate show stands. The backdrops can be custom printed with product names or logos. A popular choice is to have the corporate identity appear on the backdrop.

Exhibition StandThere are wide varieties of different accessories that can be used with exhibition stands that have been customised by designers. The accessories that are available include lighting units and display cabinets which can house products in a way that allows the potential customer to view the products. These display cabinets are supplied with a hinged access point or a drawer to make the insertion and removal of the products on show easy for the personnel manning the show stand.

Designers can also produce more elaborate exhibition and trade show stands. These can be roofed or feature a variety of different wall solutions. Custom printing methods and new printing technology will ensure that the walls and roof of the stand will remain highly visible for a long period of time, even if the stand is used on a regular basis in various surroundings.

Easy To Use Portable Stands

Retaining the services of professional designers to produce portable stands with the necessary components offers excellent return on investment. Many designers prefer the modular approach to exhibition stand design so that it can be assembled to suit almost every marketing opportunity. By taking advantage of the modular approach, each part of the stand is able to be used separately from the others and is easily portable, so for a presentation ceremony for instance, only the backdrop needs to be used.

Display Cases

Display Cases Are Crucial Exhibition Stand Props

Display cases are found in all retail environments where goods are sold and the shape and size of these cases are largely determined by the environment in which they are placed and the nature of the goods.  When it comes to exhibition stands at shows and trade fairs, vertical cases are more effective for several reasons:

  • In an environment awash with rival exhibitions, stands and passing visitors, height is very important and tall displays can be seen over the clutter and attract people’s attention
  • Exhibition stand space is usually paid for by the square metre and may command a tidy sum, which is why space is usually at a premium; vertical displays accommodate more products and use less space
  • As a handy aside, your products are more readily and conveniently viewed if presented to passers-by at eye level and vertical displays do just this

Combining Different Display Cases at Your Exhibition Stand

This is not to say that the tall displays are the last word at any exhibition; ironically, it is the space consideration that brings the trusty old horizontal, counter-type display case to the fore and these two types can be used in deft combination.  Tall displays attract attention and get people to stop and look, but you also need working surfaces, counters to sit clients down at and other horizontal areas, so be sure that these double as counter display cases, affording you the opportunity to have even more products in plain view.


Tall display cases may be awkward to carry and move, so they are usually wheeled.  The wheels should be lockable to prevent them from rolling away once parked.  Tall cases that are square in plan can be set in the centre of a display area, allowing people to view products from all four, glassed sides.  Other types may have one opaque side, which should be placed against a wall.

For more information on all the display cases available to you, please contact us.