Reasons to exhibit a trade show display

The trade show industry serves a astoundingly wide and varied audience. Virtually every industry has its own menagerie of shows that cater to virtually “every” sub-segment. On a micro level, there are numerous reasons for exhibitors to deploy a display at a given trade show. On a macro level it can be said that there are only five reasons:

  • To sell.
  • To launch.
  • To correct a misconception.
  • To create an impression.
  • To get create internal “buy-in” for the initiatives above.

These five reasons are sometimes grouped into the generalization “Trade show Impact”. Scan Display are Trade Show professionals – Contact us at +27 11 447 4777 for more information about our products and services.

Pulling them in

The whole point of taking part in a trade fair or exhibition is to increase your client base and make new contacts within your section of the industry. In order to do this you have to attract potential clients to your display stand. No-one is going to want to even come near your display if it’s a drab affair. Your presence has to be announced loud and clear for all to see – they must be attracted by what they see and they must want to see a little more. The key thing is the design of your display stand – it has to be eye-catching and it has to pull in the crowds. The best way of achieving this is to have a company such as Scan Display as your partner – a company that knows the exhibition world backwards and who can take over the design and construction of your stand from start to finish.

Display stand design

The most important element of your display at a trade show or exhibition is the display stand, and there is nothing to beat a display stand that has been professionally designed and constructed. Scan Display was established in 1996 and is a group of professionals who specialize in the design and building of exhibition displays. The team includes interior designers, graphic designers and exhibition architects, and they have won a number of top awards for their designs. Scan Display can take over the whole of the design and construction of your display stand and will even assemble it and later strike it down at the trade show venue.